Betty Boop Lamps

Betty Boop Lamps
Betty Boop & Pudgy Tube LampWG24078Betty Boop & Pudgy Tube Lamp$32.00
Betty Boop Biker Lamp With ShadeGTE BikerBetty Boop Biker Lamp With Shade$45.00
Betty Boop Black LampGTEBBKLMP BlackBetty Boop Black Lamp$45.00
Betty Boop Egyptian LampPK36003Betty Boop Egyptian Lamp$50.00
Betty Boop Party Girl LampGTEBBPGBetty Boop Party Girl Lamp$45.00
Betty Boop Porcelain LampPK36005_Figural_LampBetty Boop Porcelain Lamp$58.00
Betty Boop Procelain Bridal LampPK36007Betty Boop Procelain Bridal Lamp$58.00
Betty Boop Revolving LampTT028814Betty Boop Revolving Lamp$67.00
Betty Boop White LampGREBBWTLMPwhiteBetty Boop White Lamp$45.00
Table Top Betty Boop Water FountainPK36006Table Top Betty Boop Water Fountain$59.95