Betty Boop Lighting

Betty Boop Lights. Click on the subcategories above for a complete listing of products. Below is just a taste of what we have to offer.
Betty Boop Night LightBBH16Betty Boop Night Light$10.00
Betty Boop Night LightBBNight1Betty Boop Night Light$13.95
Betty Boop Night LitePK36101_Figural_NightLiteBetty Boop Night Lite$32.00
Betty Boop Party Girl LampGTEBBPGBetty Boop Party Girl Lamp$45.00
Betty Boop Porcelain LampPK36005_Figural_LampBetty Boop Porcelain Lamp$58.00
Betty Boop Procelain Bridal LampPK36007Betty Boop Procelain Bridal Lamp$58.00
Betty Boop Revolving LampTT028814Betty Boop Revolving Lamp$67.00
Betty Boop Spin Shade NightlightVL10059Betty Boop Spin Shade Nightlight$11.95
Betty Boop TealightWL20069Betty Boop Tealight$37.95
Betty Boop TealightWL20120Betty Boop Tealight$23.95
Betty Boop Tealight Shoe ON SALEPE25884Betty Boop Tealight Shoe ON SALE$7.00
Table Top Betty Boop Water FountainPK36006Table Top Betty Boop Water Fountain$59.95