Betty Boop Desktop Accessories

Betty Boop desktop and office accessories including Betty Boop memo pads, erasers, pens and pencils, pencil toppers, Betty Boop mousepads, computer sitters and much much more!
Betty Boop™ & Coke® Lenticular Spiral Notebook VL60004 Betty Boop™ & Coke® Lenticular Spiral Notebook     	$13.00
Betty BoopSS8137Betty Boop$20.95
Betty Boop & Pudgy Tube LampWG24078Betty Boop & Pudgy Tube Lamp$32.00
Betty Boop 4 Photos Mouse PadMSPBB3749Betty Boop 4 Photos Mouse Pad$7.95
Betty Boop 4 Piece Study SetMSBB25759Betty Boop 4 Piece Study Set$5.95
Betty Boop Address BookMSPBB4425Betty Boop Address Book$5.95
Betty Boop BallpointNP9036Betty Boop Ballpoint$3.95
Betty Boop Black LampGTEBBKLMP BlackBetty Boop Black Lamp$45.00
Betty Boop Coasters Polka Dots MSPBBPOKCOSBetty Boop Coasters Polka Dots $10.95
Betty Boop Coin BankPK31906Betty Boop Coin Bank$22.00
Betty Boop Greeting CardMSPBBCARDBetty Boop Greeting Card$2.95
Betty Boop Kick Lap Top Notebook IPAD HolderLapKickBetty Boop Kick Lap Top Notebook IPAD Holder$20.00
Betty Boop Kisses Earbuds With CaseSPO18900Betty Boop Kisses Earbuds With Case$15.00
Betty Boop Mini Notepad W/MirrorVL10597Betty Boop Mini Notepad W/Mirror$5.95
Betty Boop Motorcycle Mouse PadMSPBB3747Betty Boop Motorcycle Mouse Pad$7.95
Betty Boop Mouse PadMSBB3748Betty Boop Mouse Pad$9.95
Betty Boop Note Holder with NotepadPE37245_NoteHolder_wNotepadBetty Boop Note Holder with Notepad$10.95
Betty Boop Party Girl LampGTEBBPGBetty Boop Party Girl Lamp$45.00
Betty Boop Pen and NotebookNJCNP905Betty Boop Pen and Notebook$12.95
Betty Boop Pen and Notebook HeartsNJCNP903Betty Boop Pen and Notebook Hearts$12.95
Betty Boop PencilPE37757Betty Boop Pencil$3.95