Betty Boop Collectibles and Memorabilia

Betty Boop Collectibles and Memorabilia including retired or hard-to-find Betty Boop items, Betty Boop dolls, figurines, ceramics, clocks and holiday ornaments
Elf Betty OrnamentWL24035 Elf Betty Ornament$14.00
Betty Boop Air Freshener BopperHD9526Betty Boop Air Freshener Bopper$8.95
Betty Boop Angel Doll, Silver Limited EditionPK31184Betty Boop Angel Doll, Silver Limited Edition$50.00
Betty Boop Animated ClockNJCCL900Betty Boop Animated Clock$39.00
Betty Boop Bank, Piggy BanksPE37184Betty Boop Bank, Piggy Banks$16.95
Betty Boop Bendable 5in DollBB900Betty Boop Bendable 5in Doll$11.95
Betty Boop Bendable Collection DollsBB950Betty Boop Bendable Collection Dolls$40.00
Betty Boop Biker Bendable DollBB903Betty Boop Biker Bendable Doll$9.95
Betty Boop Biker Doll CollectiblePK31135Betty Boop Biker Doll Collectible$30.00
Betty Boop Biker Triangle ClockUSBB-556Betty Boop Biker Triangle Clock$19.00
Betty Boop Bridal DollPK31182Betty Boop Bridal Doll$50.00
Betty Boop Car Hop DollPK31128_Car_HopBetty Boop Car Hop Doll$30.00
Betty Boop CelebriDuckCD1701Betty Boop CelebriDuck$11.95
Betty Boop CelebriDuckCD1726Betty Boop CelebriDuck$11.95
Betty Boop ClockCC1003626Betty Boop Clock$32.00
Betty Boop Cowgirl SoftDollPK30201-7_Posable_SoftDoll_CowgirlBetty Boop Cowgirl SoftDoll$16.00
Betty Boop Diner Bendable DollBB905Betty Boop Diner Bendable Doll$11.95
Betty Boop Diva DollPK31131_DivaBetty Boop Diva Doll$30.00
Betty Boop DollPK31901_BallerinaBetty Boop Doll$45.00
Betty Boop Fab 50's Talking DollPK31114_Fab_50sBetty Boop Fab 50's Talking Doll$45.00
Betty Boop Fashion Watch and Figurine Gift SetUSB-W695Betty Boop Fashion Watch and Figurine Gift Set$34.00