Betty Boop Hats

Betty Boop hats, baseball caps and other headgear. Betty Boop you can put on your head! Part of our Betty Boop Clothing and Apparel section at Goodies Galore.
Betty Boop Cowgirl HatAFBB42510-F-350Betty Boop Cowgirl Hat$17.00
Betty Boop Dangerous Curves Ahead HatafbbdancurBetty Boop Dangerous Curves Ahead Hat$17.00
Betty Boop Face Hatafbbs1410-f-350Betty Boop Face Hat$17.00
Betty Boop Hat Sitting on NameAFBETTYBBBetty Boop Hat Sitting on Name$17.00

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Betty Boop Hearts HatafbbheartsBetty Boop Hearts Hat$17.00