Betty Boop Beauty Supplies

Betty Boop beauty supplies, including cosmetic bags, compacts, hair brushes and driers, emery boards and more at Goodies Galore, Betty Boop Superstore
Betty Boop Bathing Suit Hair BrushPE-47695Betty Boop Bathing Suit Hair Brush$13.00
Betty Boop Biker Hair BrushPE-25983Betty Boop Biker Hair Brush$13.00
Betty Boop Cool Breeze Hair BrushPE-47756Betty Boop Cool Breeze Hair Brush$13.00
Betty Boop Green Dress Pocket MirrorATB50388Betty Boop Green Dress Pocket Mirror$6.95
Betty Boop Heart Pocket MirrorATB50104Betty Boop Heart Pocket Mirror$6.95
Betty Boop Hearts CompactWL20121Betty Boop Hearts Compact$11.95
Betty Boop Hug & Kisses CompactWL20122Betty Boop Hug & Kisses Compact$11.95
Betty Boop Just Kissin Emery BoardVL10878Betty Boop Just Kissin Emery Board$2.95
Betty Boop Kiss Compact MirrorSPO15318Betty Boop Kiss Compact Mirror$10.95
Betty Boop Kisses Hair BrushPE-25006Betty Boop Kisses Hair Brush$13.00
Betty Boop Rinestone Face PinSPO11640Betty Boop Rinestone Face Pin$18.00
Betty Boop Roses CompactWL20123Betty Boop Roses Compact$11.95
Betty Boop Sittin Pretty Pocket MirrorATB50587Betty Boop Sittin Pretty Pocket Mirror$6.95
Betty Boop Sitting Compact MirrorSPO15316Betty Boop Sitting Compact Mirror$10.95
Betty Boop Stockings Hair BrushPE-47763Betty Boop Stockings Hair Brush$13.00
Betty Boop Sunglasses with CaseSPO18240Betty Boop Sunglasses with Case$15.00
Betty Boop Ta Da Hair BrushPE-47732Betty Boop Ta Da Hair Brush$13.00
Betty Boop Travel Mini Hair DryerBBEV209HDBetty Boop Travel Mini Hair Dryer$14.95
Betty Boop Wink Metal Hand MirrorVL-10881Betty Boop Wink Metal Hand Mirror$16.95