Betty Boop Beauty Supplies

Betty Boop beauty supplies, including cosmetic bags, compacts, hair brushes and driers, emery boards and more at Goodies Galore, Betty Boop Superstore
Betty Boop - Mini Hair Dryer with Folding Handle RETIREDBIBBEV209-01Betty Boop - Mini Hair Dryer with Folding Handle  RETIRED$10.95
Betty Boop Bathing Suit Hair BrushPE-47695Betty Boop Bathing Suit Hair Brush$13.00
Betty Boop Biker Hair BrushPE-25983Betty Boop Biker Hair Brush$13.00
Betty Boop Cool Breeze Hair BrushPE-47756Betty Boop Cool Breeze Hair Brush$13.00
Betty Boop Green Dress Pocket MirrorATB50388Betty Boop Green Dress Pocket Mirror$6.95
Betty Boop Heart Pocket MirrorATB50104Betty Boop Heart Pocket Mirror$6.95
Betty Boop Hearts CompactWL20121Betty Boop Hearts Compact$11.95
Betty Boop Hug & Kisses CompactWL20122Betty Boop Hug & Kisses Compact$11.95
Betty Boop Just Kissin Emery BoardVL10878Betty Boop Just Kissin Emery Board$2.95
Betty Boop Kiss Compact MirrorSPO15318Betty Boop Kiss Compact Mirror$10.95
Betty Boop Kisses Hair BrushPE-25006Betty Boop Kisses Hair Brush$13.00
Betty Boop Rinestone Face PinSPO11640Betty Boop Rinestone Face Pin$18.00
Betty Boop Roses CompactWL20123Betty Boop Roses Compact$11.95
Betty Boop Sittin Pretty Pocket MirrorATB50587Betty Boop Sittin Pretty Pocket Mirror$6.95
Betty Boop Sitting Compact MirrorSPO15316Betty Boop Sitting Compact Mirror$10.95
Betty Boop Stockings Hair BrushPE-47763Betty Boop Stockings Hair Brush$13.00
Betty Boop Sunglasses with CaseSPO18240Betty Boop Sunglasses with Case$15.00
Betty Boop Ta Da Hair BrushPE-47732Betty Boop Ta Da Hair Brush$13.00
Betty Boop Travel Mini Hair DryerBBEV209HDBetty Boop Travel Mini Hair Dryer$14.95
Betty Boop Wink Metal Hand MirrorVL-10881Betty Boop Wink Metal Hand Mirror$16.95